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On the Homepage and in the Galleries you can hear the music by my friends Alex Rostotsky and Maral Yakshieva, I am very grateful to them for their sound:


Homepage –  Anthony Braxton (saxophone), Maral Yakshieva (piano), from the album Improvisations. Duo. 2009



14 pieces of India – Maral Yakshieva, improvisation on Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Life”

The Pushkar Scrapbook – Alex Rostotsky, “Sphinx’ dream”

China – Maral Yakshieva (piano), Baby Sommer (vargan), improvisation

White Nights – Maral Yakshieva, “Lullaby”

A Night in Remedios – Alex Rostotsky, “Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks”

La Habana: Portraits on the Road – Alex Rostotsky, “Gardens of Alcazar”

Cuba, 2006 – Alex Rostotsky, “Promenade with Mussorgsky”

Airplanes Macro – Improvising Trio: Michael Welch (percussion), Dough Mathews (bass), Maral Yakshieva (piano)

Khabarovsk, Portraits, 2011 – Alex Rostotsky, “Russian-Zulu”

India, 2005-2009 Alex Rostotsky, Ganga (L. Subramaniam)