In the age when Google made any information and any place accessible anytime, many of us are more and more curious about smallish things, small points on the seemingly known maps.

I’ve been to Cuba in 2006 and traveled around the island, so in 2012 I decided rather to investigate Havana at length than to hang around different cities. The idea was to make a portrait of a city through the portraits of its inhabitants.

To broaden the perspective a bit, I tried to combine the portraits with some additional details. Sometimes it was a kind of “zoom in” or “zoom out” effect, or an indirect panorama to enrich the visual experience.

Of course, some were interior portraits, and some were street shots, and the details to be photographed were not obvious. I tried to find as many occupations as I could: street traders, artists, butchers, ballet dancers, shoe cleaners are just some to mention.

People were to be found in the streets, on the road around the city. And then, there is also another on the road feeling – the one any photographer has while working on any subject.

“La Habana: Portraits on the Road” Gallery

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