Casual Portraits, Casual Details

People and their surroundings are the most interesting objects for my photography, and I’ve been taken by them for some years now.

When people disappear, their surroundings are soon gone, too. Photography cannot save anything, but it may help us to remember.

In Khabarovsk I’ve been photographing people of various occupations and different age. Some of them I found myself, and some with the help of my Khabarovsk acquaintances. I just asked everybody to ask their friends whether they would like to pose for a photographer. Then I met those who agreed – and was never disappointed.

Actually, all these portraits are just coincidences, taken by chance. It could have been other people, other places.

One evening in Khabarovsk, I felt I was visiting people so different they were unlikely to meet in this city, but occasionally there seemed some similarity between them, too.

“Khabarovsk Portraits” Gallery

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