Varanasi, 2005

These photos were taken in 2006 during my first trip to India, and in 2009 they were shown at the exhibition «14 pieces of India» with Leica Camera in Moscow, Russia.

Daily life and street photography comprise everything, including portraits, landscapes and still life. What I value most in an image are the simplest things, stuff that appears outside of obvious «bright happenings», that is often just on the periphery. Frequently, the problem of contemporary photography is the loss of simplicity, when a frame comprises too much technique and too little of the author. For the author to give anything away, he must first be touched by something: out of emptiness inside, what can be reduced, refined or put into the final image?..

Style cannot be invented. Style is a person him\herself. You are doing what you believe is important to do the best way you can manage it. What comes out eventually defines your style. The key to the style is sincerity. If you are frank in what you do, you have an axis which will define your style, sooner or later. It is a different question whether it is going to be an original one, but if you try to invent a style artificially, you will get a concept instead and lose more than you have invented.

When coming into contact with the daily life in various cultures and countries, it is crucial to be open to them. Openness means that you are trying them on as relating not only to the others but also – to a certain extent – to youself as an observer. As if they have always been yours, but just now you are suddenly invited to connect to this other self.

They say, an object shown in part can sometimes reveal itself in more entirety, than the object shown as a whole.

A photo is always just a part of something, a piece cut by the viewfinder frame, and however absurd it may sound, one should aim that this piece is more valuable than the whole.

“14 Pieces of India” Gallery



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